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Label your work as "No AI"

✨Free to use✨
Use this icon to say that a human being, with hands and a beating heart, created this work.

DOWNLOAD PNG files on Dropbox here :

It's becoming so hard to know when you're looking at AI or not. I thought it would be good to find a way to express to people who see your art, that your work is genuine.
Without necessarily being anti-AI. I think AI will find a place in our society but we will need to differentiate and let people know what they're looking at. Not just for images but also for videos, music, writing, sculpting, acting, 3D, fashion, design, etc.
The moment comes when we need to tell our viewers that what we do is not AI, but human made.

I wanted to create a label that sends a positive message, simply communicating that your post was crafted by human hands, human hearts and human brains.

This is totally free to use !!
Place it somewhere in your art, with or without the text. Colour it, it transform it if you want, make it yours!
If you use it, feel free to tag me, I'd love to see it !!
Peace ✌️ 💙